Manufacturing Catalyst

helping people who make things, make things better

Manufacturing Catalyst

helping people who make things, make things better

Manufacturing Catalyst is a boutique manufacturing and material flow advisory business operating globally. We are headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in optimising product and process design to streamline end to end value chains, leading to the implementation of sustainable manufacturing automation solutions. We also provide fractional CTO services and engineering leadership coaching and mentoring programs for growing manufacturing enterprises.

With three decades of experience on the cutting edge of Manufacturing and Material Flow projects worldwide, Dr Michael Lucas FIEAust CPEng founded Manufacturing Catalyst with one goal – to help people who make things, make things better.

Industry Segments


Material Flow

Are you getting the right things to the right places at the right times? Talk with us about how to optimise your end to end value chain.


How efficient is your assembly process? Whether its in a factory or out in the field, we can help you identify where to improve.


How well defined are your manufacturing processes? Talk with us about how to ensure your processes are polished.


Is your product and its packaging designed to make manufacture, assembly and intralogistics as easy as possible?


Once your product and processes are refined, then let's discuss whether automation has a positive return for your business.


What are you measuring? What does it mean? Talk to us about interpreting and streamlining your production data


When you're investing in new systems, we can advise on developing the specification through to final acceptance testing


Your team will always appreciate professional development. We offer coaching and mentoring for manufacturing enterprises.

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